Skin Tags Removal

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What Skin Tags Mean?

Skin tags are benign but very common tumours that hang from the skin. They are small oval tissues that that are flesh coloured and have an identifiable stock that keep them in place. They are usually small, but can grow as large as 5 centimetres.

What are the common sites?

Skin tags form most commonly where skin creases are. The most common sites are the eyelids, neck, armpit, and the groin.

What Are The Causes of Skin Tags?

Heredity, Obesity, Diabetes, Pregnancy. They might form by rubbing in skin fold.

Are skin tags dangerous?

No, skin tags are completely benign growths. They are not dangerous however, depending on the location they could become irritated, for example, by rubbing against clothing.

Are skin tags contagious? It seems like mine is spreading around the same area.

Skin tags are not contagious, and cannot spread to other people or to other parts of the body. They are not caused by fungus, virus, or bacteria. Skin tags are caused by friction from the skin rubbing against skin, thus, it is common for people to develop multiple skin tags in the same area, because there is repeated friction in that area.

Are skin tags a symptom of old age?

No, skin tags can occur at any age, although they are less frequent in children.

Are skin tags permanent?

Small skin tags can fall off naturally. It's possible for patients to not notice a skin tag ever existed for this reason. However, once skin tags reach a size, they are usually permanent fixtures.

Any Reasons For Concern?

If lesion grows, changes color, bleeds, or becomes tender, see health care provider.

How to get rid of it?

Skin tags are benign growths, so treatment is not necessary unless it presents a cosmetic concern for the patient. Depending on the location of the skin tags, they can become irritated by rubbing against clothing,which may be a reason to remove them. They will not go away on their own once they reach a certain size. Topical medications will not remove these growths. Skin tags must be removed physically or by burning or freezing them.Ligation,Excision,Cryosurgery,Cauterisation these procedures can be done by Dermatologist.

After Removal, Does Lesion Recur?

Generally not. New lesions may appear.