Non-Surgical Face Lift

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Why should one do Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Women spend a lot of money and time doing massages and facials in parlours hoping to tighten their muscles and prevent sagging of face only to realise that the effect fades off in 10 days. However Non-Surgical Face Lift based on a scientific principle gradually gives definitive results that are long lasting.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-Surgical Face Lift is a system that uses Radiofrequency waves that is gently applied through specially designed facial probes.

How is Non-Surgical Face Lift at Laser Skin Clinic different from the traditional ones?

Traditional Radiofrequency uses a fixed frequency to cause skin tightening.

However at Laser Skin Clinic, The machine operates at 3 levels.

a) at 1 Mhz, the RadioFrequnecy waves act on the skin texture & collagen tightening,

b) at 650 Khz, they act on the fat cells thereby reducing double chin and

c) at 300 Hz, they act directly on the muscles relaxing them and reducing sagging.

This three level approach is not offered by any RadioFrequency machine currently and this makes it almost comparable and even more feasible than Surgical face Lift.

What does Non-Surgical Face Lift do to my skin?

When the Non-Surgical Face Lift probes are applied to the face, they gently stimulate collagen production. The finer lines on the face will start to diminish and the skin will feel firmer and taut. The finer pores will reduce in size and the facial contour is restored to its youthful state.

How does the Non-Surgical Face Lift work?

When the probes of the Non-Surgical Face Lift are applied to the skin, they gently and gradually heat the dermis ( deeper skin) without damaging the epidermis ( superficial skin). The patient will instantly experience tightening of the skin which fades away within 10 days. The heat causes new collagen production which is visible after 3 months.There is additional fat dissolving and muscle relaxing effect.

How much time does it require?

Ordinarily, face requires 30 minutes and face and neck require 45 minutes.

Is Non-Surgical Face Lift painful?

No. Non-Surgical Face Lift is infact a very relaxing process. One will feel a warm massage sensation while the Non-Surgical Face Lift is being done.

Can i go back to work after a session?

Of course. One can immediately resume normal activities after a Non-Surgical Face Lift.

Are there any side-effects?

Because the Non-Surgical Face Lift does not use laser or light and based on the principle of radiofrequency, it is extremely safe with no side-effects.

How is Non-surgical face lift different from a skin tightening laser?

Laser beams are known to cause damage to the superficial layers of the skin, warranting strict sun protection and often inability to resume daily activities for upto 3 days. Non-Surgical Face Lift has no downtime as the superficial skin is bypassed by the radiofrequency waves.

Can Non-surgical face lift and Botox be done at the same time?

Yes. In some patients what we advice is to start doing Non-Surgical Face Lift as the results are seen after some time and then do a botox / filler just prior to an upcoming event like marriage.