Body Contouring

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Non Surgical Body Sculpting is a very popular procedure done by both obese and non obese people. While obese people aim for global / circumferential reduction, non obese people are desirous of spot reduction like below bra bulges, love handles, below navel bulges, thigh bulges, etc..

Keeping in mind the different needs of different people, we have introduced "Power of 3".

The idea behind Power of 3 is that not every person is the same and so is the responsiveness of his /her fat to treatment modalities.

Hence we have brought 3 time-tested technologies under 1 roof, so a combination of treatments can be offered to our patients depending on their current health status.

It comprises of 3 different Technologies that target Stubborn Fat in 3 Different ways. These 3 treatments are

  • Zerona LipoLaser
  • CryoLipolysis
  • MesoLipolysis