Acne Marks

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What are acne marks ?

Acne marks are the marks blemishes which are left post acne.

Do they vanish completely on their own?

Rarely do acne marks go on their own, they do lighten with time.

How can one prevent oneself from the acne marks ?

Timely management of active acne will reduce the number of acne marks. Not picking or squeezing your acne will reduce the chances of acne marks.

How can one get rid of the acne marks?

Acne marks can be managed with tretinoin creams, chemical peels or laser depending on the severity of acne. While creams can be of use if started early on, most patients need peels to see desired response. Laser is generally required when the marks do not respond to peels. This generally happens in those patients who are used to squeezing their pimples.

Do acne marks recur once they are removed by peels?

No. Unless, you get new acne, you cant develop new acne marks.

How many sessions of peels are required to get rid of acne marks?

It will take anywhere between 6 - 12 sessions for getting rid of acne marks.